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The reforms in the immigration sectors by Canadian government in the recent past has brought much needed relief for migrant communities, there are number of visa programs have been initiated to in order to help the family members to migrate to Canada such as Spouse Sponsorship, Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship, Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, Provincial Family Class Sponsorship, Dependent Child and other Sponsorship programs.
To qualify under these visa programs candidates must be a Citizen of Canada or Permanent Resident of Canada and he / she must above the age of 18 years. There are different set of rules for each of these visa programs and candidates must clear those requirements to sponsor their family members, excluding Quebec province it applies to the country because Quebec province has its own immigration policies for the reunion of the family members.
Along with these requirements sponsoring candidates fulfil other criteria’s such as, for instance he / she should physically residing in Canada, should not have any criminal background and not be convicted in the past five years, should not using government sponsored welfare schemes, except for disability, must provide financial back up support to sponsored candidates, which includes basic requirements like food, shelter, clothes and other daily basic requirements. Dependent kids under the age of 19 do not need to sign any agreements for basic requirements.
These family sponsorship programs have to be approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) immigration agency of the Canadian government, these sponsorship visa applications will be processed according to the stipulated duration of the government policy. The family members can also live, study, and work in Canada once they become a permanent resident of the country.
The Government of Canada has introduced a separate Parent and Grandparent Super Visa on 1 December 2011, through this visa program parents and grandparents of citizens of Canada and permanent residents can visit the country for a period of two consecutive years without having to renew their status. The total validity period of this visa is p to 10 years.
Under the Family Class Sponsorship program both the sponsor and sponsored person have to prove their relationship to qualify under this program, these are some of the individuals who can be included in the family sponsorship programs, spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner, dependent children and other relatives. Dependent children must be under the age of 22 and unmarried.
In order to sponsor the family members a candidate must produce number of proof to the concerned immigration authorities such as tax returns, sponsorship agreement, income proof, permanent resident card or Canadian Citizenship card, passport and other family relevant documents. The sponsored must produce original documents such as valid passport and Identity proofs, birth and police clearance certificates.
Another important aspect of spousal sponsorship program is that Canada recognises the same sex marriage and their partners are eligible apply under spouse, common law partner and conjugal partner categories.
The family sponsorship visa programs of the Canadian government have been considered as the best initiative to build a relationship with relatives and family members; it strengthens the bond among the individuals to lead a healthy and successful life in the country. These innovative family reunion programs from the government have helped many parents and grandparents to stay along with their kids and relatives in a very close proximity.

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